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Some Tips for Sport Tourism Activities

Sports tourism in Bali started to get a lot of attention from the tourist around the world due to many attractions that allow people to travel and sports such as white water rafting in Telaga Waja River, ATV Riding, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Snorkeling, and much more. Unlike the other common tourism activities, sports tourism requires […]

USAT Liberty Tulamben can be Reached by Snorkeling

Shipwreck diving spots are so scattered in various countries. But only Tulamben that provide a shipwreck with full of marine life without diving, yes you just need to snorkel.

On Holiday in Bali When Nyepi, Where to Go?

The celebration of Balinese new year or well known as “Nyepi” this year falls on March 31, 2014. If you are on holiday in Bali when Nyepi, take advantage of the moment to visit certain places where Balinese doing some unique rituals for Nyepi. Sanur beach Two days before Nyepi, most of Hindus in Bali […]

Since When is Bali Became Popular Among The World?

Which island in Indonesia that always crowded by tourist both domestic and foreign? Bali is the answer. Yes, this island of God has a lot of charm from the coast to the mountains. Let’s see, since when is Bali become an idol… Many traveler pinned, Bali is a paradise. This is where you can spend […]

Banana Boat, Jet Ski, and Parasailing: Three Most Favorited Games in Tanjung Benoa

In Tanjung Benoa, many tourist want to have a new experience to play some unique watersport but most of them prefer banana boat, jet ski, and parasailing. Maybe because these three watersport activities doesn’t need any significant challenge to play, but focus for making fun to us. Example, the banana boat belonging to a fun […]

Activities in Tanjung Benoa

Located in southeastern point of Bali, Tanjung Benoa is specifically just above on the southeastern most point of the Bukit Peninsula, Nusa Dua. Unlike Kuta or Uluwatu, this area is totally less crowded. This place allow a space to relax and enjoy Bali as a real vacation. Tanjung Benoa provide shelter to Benoa harbor which […]

About Tanjung Benoa and Watersport

It would be always a good day to have vacation in Bali. it’s not only ordinary holiday but truly adventurous traveling. You can learn the local art and culture. Every single unique thing in Bali is priceless to observe. However, Bali is not only offering such beautiful spot to be explored as the cultural tourism, […]

The Turtle Island, Serangan, Bali

The Turtle Island that located in the southern part of Bali can be accessed from the beach of Tanjung Benoa with Glass Bottom Boat. With 15-20 minutes journey, visitors are treated to a beautiful view of Tanjung Benoa sea from a long box like an aquarium in the middle of the ship. As an inducement […]

Holiday Tips: Saving Traveling Cost

Who does not like traveling at a low cost? There are many ways that you can take to get a cheap holiday, but still fun. Follow some tips below: 1. Flexible with the travel dates The first thing to do if you want to saving cost while holiday is do not fixated on a certain […]

World Class Diving Site: Tulamben

Are you one of those travelers who are tired of the lively hubs and now searching for a total retreat? Tulamben is the best spot for you. However, the tranquility advantage of the place will be added if you are also a diver. No matter in what level you are right now, this spot offers […]

Destination: Some Place to See Cute Animals in Bali

Bali is not only a destination for partying or beach activities such as water sports. The island is also has many cute animals to play with. In these places, you can play with turtles, birds and various animals which are adorable. Here are some places to meet cute animals in Bali: 1. Turtle Island, Nusa […]

Bali Ocean Wonder: USS Liberty Shipwreck at Tulamben

People going to Bali not only to enjoy the famed sunset at the southwestern coast of the island. Some of them want to go deeper into the sea. While the southwestern beaches are closely related to sunset and surfing, the eastern coastal areas of the island promise different wonder. Amed, Candidasa, and Tulamben are the […]

Travel Tips: Camping on The Beach, a Cheap Weekends

Cheap weekend but still want to have fun? Camping on the beach will be one good idea. Here are some beach camping tips: 1. Find a safe place from tidal waves Don’t be arbitrarily in setting up a tent, your tent might be swept by the tidal waves in the morning. Therefore, make sure the […]

Snorkeling and Diving Spots in Bali

The Island of the Gods is blessed with so many natural wonders. Besides the white sandy beach with gorgeous sunset views on the southwestern coast and the cool air of the highlands, the island is also attractive for its sea environment. People who go to Bali can also find amusement and refreshment by snorkeling and […]

Exciting Options of Bali Water Sports

Bali is known for its beaches, religion and culture for many years. However, for a past few years, the tropical environment of the island has given birth to a new type of tourist enjoyment. Now, tourists can also enjoy many kinds of water sports in Bali. There are many places in the island where one […]

Tanjung Benoa: The Center of Water Sports and Beach Games in Bali

Bali water sport can be a refreshing option when you spend your holidays in the Island of the Gods. The center of the activity is in Tanjung Benoa, which also houses Benoa Harbor. In addition, if you love snorkeling and swimming as your sea sports, you should go the eastern coast to Amed and Tulamben […]

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