Exciting Options of Bali Water Sports

Bali is known for its beaches, religion and culture for many years. However, for a past few years, the tropical environment of the island has given birth to a new type of tourist enjoyment. Now, tourists can also enjoy many kinds of water sports in Bali. There are many places in the island where one can find an operator for such an outdoor activity. However, the liveliest center is Tanjung Benoa. This is also the place where the important Benoa Harbor is located. The great thing is, accommodation is available nearby and the rates are relatively similar between operators.

Let us see the first examples of the water sport. If you have been dreaming to become a fisherman, you should join trawling coral fishing. You will travel along the south coast of the island and pay attention to the birds. The birds will show you the best spots for trolling. Yes, you will do coral fishing. The excitement is excellent as the fish living among the coral are usually big and powerful that you are challenged even to draw your line when you have caught one. Of course, you can choose between the modern speed boat, if not the traditional “jukung” as your vessel.

Fishing in Nusa Dua
If you do not want to go to the deeper sea, you should try at least one Bali water sport in the shallower water. The options are endless. You can start with jet-ski. This outdoor activity will pump up your adrenalin as you will ride a kind of a sea motorbike which runs on the water at 60 mph. Of course you will be assisted by an experienced instructor. You can see the shore running while you ride the jet-ski in high speed. The next option takes you to the air. Parasailing is a good way to experience a bird’s life. You will safely fly using the parasailing to look down anything below.

Banana boat is often taken as the lightest water sport. This is because you only sit and ride an inflatable raft shaped in banana fruit. A speed boat will pull the raft and on full speed you surely will start screaming and laughing due to the excitement. Activity that is similar to banana boat is the rolling donut where the speed boat pulls up a raft shaped like donut. Although these activities look easy, you should be able to control yourself and your balance on the high speed.

Water ski is the next option of water sport available in Tanjung Benoa. With this, your adrenalin is pumped off as you are trying to control your balance while riding a wake board pulled up by a fast speed boat. Wake boarding and water skiing like this looks dangerous for amateurs, moreover for first timers. But, the operator always assigns a seasoned instructor that will lead the riders to handle the wake board and ski appliances. So doing your outdoor activity in Tanjung Benoa is safe and secure as well as makes your body healthier.

Banan Boat Tanjung Benoa

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