Rafting at Telaga Waja River

Price: IDR500.000 = IDR350.000

Bored with beach activities? Try the freshness mountain water of Bali island, exactly at Telaga Waja river. What’s to do? Of course whitewater rafting, exploring rapid challenges, enjoying the views of valley and rice fields, beauty of natural waterfalls and witness Balinese villagers doing their daily activities on fields which are located on the river bank. Of course , this nice adventure will make your mind totally refreshed.


Telaga Waja River is a stream of Agung mountain springs located in Karangasem regency, one area that’s famous for having the most natural beauty of Bali island. This river to be one of the best rafting track in Bali due to its large water level and rapids are very challenging ( level 3-4 ). In addition, the water is very clear, clean, fresh and become major attraction for those who want to enjoy the freshness of mountain water .

There are five main challenges that will really fun to be conquered in this river . First, passing large volcanic rocks which are scattered along the river, especially at the beginning of the track. The challenge, your team must successfully run the boat which is sometimes stuck in the rocks, of course without going down to the river and pushing it . You and your team will be instructed to do some actions to move the boat. The challenge is passing through a very low bamboo bridges. You and the team have to lay down towards the back so that don’t get caught on the bridge . In addition to the bamboo bridge , some low trees are also scattered along the river that must be passed by laying down. It’s not as easy as you think, imagine when the boat speeding and suddenly you encounter a low tree, you should immediately lie down . After passing bamboo bridge, the flow will getting big due to the confluence of some small rivers. This is the third challenge and the most fun. You and the team should be able to keep the balance so that your boat is not flipped. Your rowing skill will be useful here. The fourth obstacle is some natural waterfalls and cliffs along the river. What’s the challenge? When your boat speeding across the river and the track is cornering , your boat will crashed into the waterfall cliff, be careful, don’t get splashed. Well, the last obstacle is jumping over a 5 meter dam. Indeed, this is the most fun part located in the end of the trip.

Relax, all challenges above are totally safe as long as you follow all the rules and instructions given. You will also be accompanied by a professional guide who is ready to assist throughout the adventure. To add more fun, the guide will sometimes accidentally make the boat flipped. So be ready to shout . You will also be invited to rest in a waterfall park for 15 minutes which is located in the middle of the journey. This park contains rice fields, gardens, and a large waterfall. You can flush your body underneath.



– The discounted rate above is net, quoted in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and inclusive of all government tax.
– Minimum 2 pax
– Whitewater rafting is not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart problem, people is respiratory problem, currently has a sinus problem, recently has ear infection, has claustrophobia problem.
– The trip can be aborted anytime due to bad water level and condition (payment refundable)

– Pick up service from hotel – rafting start point- back to the hotel
– Buffet lunch (Indonesian dishes, vegetarian menu available upon request)
– Coffee break
– Towels, soaps, shampo
– Insurance

What to Bring?
– Sunblock cream
– Shoes/sandal
– Short pant
– Camera

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