Since When is Bali Became Popular Among The World?

Which island in Indonesia that always crowded by tourist both domestic and foreign? Bali is the answer. Yes, this island of God has a lot of charm from the coast to the mountains. Let’s see, since when is Bali become an idol…


Many traveler pinned, Bali is a paradise. This is where you can spend your time sunbathing on white sand, seeing beautiful dance performances, hiking, or shopping. Every single day, either high or low season Bali is never been empty of tourists visit. “What about the access?, Bali has direct flights from 19 countries without going through Jakarta,” said Secretary of the Bali Government Tourism Office, IGA Ambari. It’s really easy to find a tourist destination or want to purchase travel packages to Bali. Almost all tour operators selling Bali package.

Anyway, talking about history, since when is Bali known by tourists?

“So it’s begin in 1908, when it was the people of Netherlands came from Batavia went to Lombok by boat and stop by Bali island. They came to Bali to buy spices or government affairs. Then in 1920, there was someone of Netherlands who is regarded as the first tourist in Bali. It’s because he just came for sightseeing and relax, “said IGA Ambari. IGA Ambari added an interesting fact, actually Bali is never do any tourism promotion in the past. On the contrary, the beauty of Bali is promoted by everyone who comes.


“Bali has always not been doing any tourism promotion. Many worldwide painters came to Bali and depicts the beauty of Bali, such as Antonio Blanco in 1930. His works have promoted the beauty of Bali into the world, until finally he married a Balinese girl and live in Ubud Bali”. Tourist arrivals to Bali is getting increased each year. The proof , in November 2013 recorded 297,000 tourists who come to Bali via Ngurah Rai Airport. It rose as much as 24% compared to November 2012.

The atmosphere in Bali indeed make everyone want to come back. Although many tourists walking around the streets of Kuta or Seminyak, but there are also many Balinese wearing traditional dresses such as ‘udeng’, ‘kamen’, etc. When tourists relax and sunbathe on the outskirts of Kuta Beach, Dreamland, or Uluwatu , don’t be surprised there are a lot of Balinese offering material such as ‘dupa’ and ‘canang’.


Something even more unique is when ‘Nyepi’ (silence day) comes. For the majority of Balinese Hindus , Nyepi is a celebration of Hindus New Year by not doing any activity alias silence. Since morning till night, they just stay at home. The streets become empty and everything will be closed. Bali is the place of harmony between tourism and culture. Balinese people and tourists respect customs, and any regulation in Bali.

IGA Ambari was also confirmed, from 2002 to 2013 destinations in Bali are always gets awards from various countries. The awards are in form of the best tourist destination, best beach , best spa, to the best resort .

Tourist activities in Bali are really complete. For those who like sunbathing, please come to Kuta Beach, Suluban, Sanur Beach, Dreamland Beach, and many more. Traveler who want to try adrenaline adventure please try water sport in Tanjung Benoa such as parasailing, snorkeling, jet ski, turtle island tour or white water rafting in Ayung and Telaga Waja river. And many many other interesting activities such as diving, hiking, cycling, and much more.

Bali continues to be a beautiful place which is discussed around the world until now. Anyway, there seems some problems in Bali which is affecting tourism. The streets were jammed, inequality of development in the south and the north of Bali, and wastes problem that sent from Java often occurs Kuta Beach. It should be a serious concern for Bali tourism government.

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