Snorkeling and Diving Spots in Bali

The Island of the Gods is blessed with so many natural wonders. Besides the white sandy beach with gorgeous sunset views on the southwestern coast and the cool air of the highlands, the island is also attractive for its sea environment. People who go to Bali can also find amusement and refreshment by snorkeling and diving. You will only need to select one of recommended water sport operator through internet and the natural wonders are yours to enjoy. Basically, the sea activities are mainly performed in the southern and eastern parts of the island as those are where sea traffic is the less.

Snorkeling in Bali

Sanur and Nusa Dua are the first places when it comes to find the center of snorkeling. The environment in these areas is characterized by the coral reef and sloping sea bead. Here you can expect almost any kind of tropical fishes. If you are lucky, sometimes you can also encounter white tip shark if you care to go to deeper spots. Visibility is unsure. Sometimes it can vary between 7 and 15 meters. However, the current in these places are gentle. First timers and beginners in diving are welcome due to the safe environment and high standards of safety among operators.

The other center of water sport for snorkelers and divers is Padangbai, about an hour away from Denpasar or Kuta. To reach the ideal snorkeling and diving spots, you will need around ten minutes by boat. The main attraction here is the rich variety of coral life. Many kinds of fishes, turtle, nudibranch, and white tip reef shark can be expected. Visibility is mostly good throughout the year although temperature sometimes can drop drastically to 20 degrees C. The current is gentle, the sea bed is mostly white, and the ideal depths are between five to thirty meters.

When one is talking about water sport activities in Bali, especially diving, one should not drop Tulamben off the conversation. This is the most famous diving site in the island due to its shipwreck. It is the wreck of the USS Liberty, a US navy ship in the World War II that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. For years onward, it has been the favorite home for a variety of marine life, from fishes to coral. This is one of the most recommended wrecks diving in the world. The current is gentle here and the water warm. Visibility is good at 7 to 25 meters and the ideal depth is between 5 to 40 meters.

diving in Bali

Not too far away from Tulamben is the other center of diving. While divers usually put Amed as an entrance to go to Tulamben, Amed has to be appreciated on its own right. The beaches here are temporary as they will disappear during the high tide. However, a little further to the sea, one can find the marine treasure undisturbed as the local fishermen has a high level of environmental awareness. Visibility is good, the water warm and the current gentle, ideal for all levels of snorkelers and divers.

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