Some Tips for Sport Tourism Activities

Sports tourism in Bali started to get a lot of attention from the tourist around the world due to many attractions that allow people to travel and sports such as white water rafting in Telaga Waja River, ATV Riding, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Snorkeling, and much more. Unlike the other common tourism activities, sports tourism requires more preparation to be done.

Here are some things you need to prepare before doing sports tourism.

Before going to a sport tourism spot, do some research about that attraction on the internet, read some review and see what sports might be available in there. In addition, see also the sports facilities is still feasible to attend or not. It is to avoid disappointment if that attraction is not meets your expectation.

Preparing Physical and Stamina
Yes, you will not just relax in the sport attraction. Planning a sport tourism means you are ready to do a sport that may be tiring. Therefore, prepare your healthy, eat healthy foods and have some vitamins which can increase your endurance.

Simple and Necessary Packing
You will not go to fancy places in the sports attraction. Most are beaches, rivers, cliffs and mountains so no need to bring your good clothes. Bring comfortable clothes like thin, training pants and sneakers or sandals. Some sites require you to bring sport suits that fit with that activity such as swimming, bring a swimsuit and swimming goggles.

Some Medicines
Joining sports tourism is making vacation becomes more risky than usual. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring some simple medication for a precaution against all possible sports injuries. Although usually the attraction provide paramedics to help you, but there is no harm bring your own medicine for the worst case. Besides, headaches and upset stomach medicine will also useful sometimes.

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