Tanjung Benoa: The Center of Water Sports and Beach Games in Bali

Bali water sport can be a refreshing option when you spend your holidays in the Island of the Gods. The center of the activity is in Tanjung Benoa, which also houses Benoa Harbor. In addition, if you love snorkeling and swimming as your sea sports, you should go the eastern coast to Amed and Tulamben where the underwater scenery have been compelling divers for many years. But for a lighter activity, Benoa is the ideal place. Here you can find almost any kind of sport, from banana boat, water ski and jet-ski to coral fishing and dolphin seeing. The difference in rates between operators is small so it is generally alright to use any operator in the area.

Tanjung Benoa Water Sport

The first type of beach games that comes to your mind is probably jet-ski. This is a sport where you are challenged to see the island at the fast speed of 60 mph right from the water. Your adrenalin will be pumped harder from the seat of the fast vessel. An instructor will guide your throughout the session to make sure you are able to handle the swift machine. Parasailing is also a good way to see the island from the air. Just like the other tourists’ sports, an instructor will be assigned to you when you go parasailing.

The next familiar type water sport is banana boat. This is relatively easier to bear as you are riding a long boat shaped in banana fruit – hence comes the name banana boat. You can ride with four other people while the raft is pulled by powerful speed boat, moving swiftly around Tanjung Benoa. Rolling donut is the same type with banana boat. The difference is the shape of the vessel. With the rolling donut, your raft will be shaped like donut. You will scream and get excited when the speed boat’s start to roar and pull the donut.

Glass bottom boat can be the first step to appreciate the underwater life. If you are still afraid to do snorkeling or diving, this Bali water sport will compel you with the direct marine life scenery. You will ride a safe and secure glass bottom under which you can see the underwater life. If you have already familiarized yourself with snorkeling, you should try the Turtle Island. This is where the most beautiful sea turtles live around the island. You can snorkel if you want or just hold the species in your hand from above the water.

Dolphin lives in the Indian Ocean just south of the Bali Island. You can enjoy the natural performance of this funny species in their habitat from Tanjung Benoa. This water sport is refreshing as you will see the dolphins directly and they are indeed smart sea mammals. An operator will bring you for four hours in a search to find dolphins that are showcasing their expertise in jumping out of the blue sea water. They will not run away when your boat gets close to them that you can see directly into their eyes.

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