Travel Tips: Camping on The Beach, a Cheap Weekends

Camping on The BeachCheap weekend but still want to have fun? Camping on the beach will be one good idea. Here are some beach camping tips:

1. Find a safe place from tidal waves
Don’t be arbitrarily in setting up a tent, your tent might be swept by the tidal waves in the morning. Therefore, make sure the area is secure of any waves activities otherwise you will be swept away by the waves while sleeping. 😀

2. Setting up tent in a shade place
After finding a safe area from the wave, also make sure your tent is also safe from the wind. At night, the wind on the beach will be much faster than anywhere else. Therefore, make sure you tent is protected behind the trees or shrubs to block the wind.

However, do not select too thick bushes because it is the house of several dangerous animals. Look for a spacious area with some trees or bushes and check your environment to avoid any dangerous animal. In addition, large areas can also be a place to cook and light the fire.

3. Find a dense sand
The last thing to consider when setting up a tent is looking for dense sand. It’s very useful to stick the tent poles. If the sand is not solid or trail, it will be difficult to stuck the poles. It does not matter a bit far from the beach, as long as you set up a tent properly and steadily.

4. Digging sand to light a bonfire
It’s not like in the mountain, lit a bonfire on the beach should be a bit dodgy. When you wish to make a bonfire on the beach, you have to dig a little sand to create a fire foundation.

It will be difficult to light a fire if you do not have the foundation when the wind is fast enough. Scrape the sand about 10 cm and insert a durable wood to burn, then just stacking the wood so that the fire can be lit durable. Do not forget to put out the fire before going to sleep.

5. Make sure your feet are always clean when getting in the tent
It feels uncomfortable sleeping with sand stuck in your head pads or sleeping bag. Therefore, make sure your feet are always clean if you want to enter the tent. Make sure your body is clean of sand.

6. Always wash your body and equipment with clean water
Although there are plenty of water, but the sea water is salty and could not make your items or body clean. So, rinse with clean water. Because the skin can dry out if the sea water remains stuck to the skin to dry.

7. Keep Your Environment Clean
Wherever, maintaining cleanliness is mandatory to be aware of every traveler. So, always ready to put a big plastic garbage during camping. Do not hesitate to remind others if they do not throwing their trash in the garbage or even bury trashes in the sand. Be a responsible traveler with the message of kindness everywhere.

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