USAT Liberty Tulamben can be Reached by Snorkeling


Shipwreck diving spots are so scattered in various countries. But only Tulamben that provide a shipwreck with full of marine life without diving, yes you just need to snorkel.

Bali has many diving spots, from the coast to the surrounding islands. But there is one special place that attracts a lot of divers from various countries, Tulamben. Tulamben is the name of a village in Kubu district, Karangasem, eastern part of Bali, can be reached around 2,5 hours by car from Kuta and Denpasar. This coastal village directly overlooking the eastern sea of the island. Here lies the wreck of USAT Liberty, which is now full of marine life and colorful coral reefs.

USAT Liberty is the name of U.S. Army ship that was sunk after hit by Japanese submarine torpedo. It happened in 1942, during World War II.

The vessel was then intentionally docked on the rocky beach of Tulamben. Until in 1963, Mount Agung erupted and the magma flow pressed the wreck back into the ocean. And the result, this wreck can be seen only through a snorkel, because it is at a depth of 3-29 meters below sea level.

Almost every day, there are a lot of divers and tourist that snorkeling in this 120 meter long wreck, with side deck overlooking the ocean. No need to go so far to the ocean, because the wreck can be reached by swimming from the shore.

The wreck is covered with coral reefs and as a house to diverse species of fish. There napoleon fish, barracuda, rays, coral fish are also diverse. Travelers can admire their beauty just by snorkeling, but you should be able to dive if you want to venture into it. Lovely!

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by Duwi Mertiana

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